The Crew List for USS Houston (CA-30) 
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This list has over 1000 names. The names are divided up onto 6 separate pages and may take a little time to load. Please be patient.

Please Contact the USS Houston CA-30 Survivors' and Next Generations Association 
for any specific information regarding the fate of individual officers and crew.


This list was first published in the book "THE GHOST THAT DIED AT SUNDA STRAIT" by Winslow, published in 1984.  Bill Weissinger  (survivor) created the list in 1983 using various sources.   Otto Schwarz maintained a list in the USS Houston Survivor's association archives. Errors are occasionally discovered. In    this case, with  the loss of the ship, the time that had passed - and especially because of the situation in which the survivors found themselves after swimming to shore the list is prone to some error..  "THE GHOST THAT DIED AT SUNDA STRAIT",  is a "good read" for anyone wishing to know more about the USS HOUSTON - her glory - her battles -- and statements by surviving crew members.  (Winslow, Weissinger and Schwarz were all ship's company).

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